Lögmál ehf. offers all regular legal services. Special emphasis is placed on expeditious and personal services

Lögmál ehf. offers all general legal services.  A special emphasis is placed on expeditious and personal services same as on keeping disciplined and authentic handling procedures as our guidelines. Lögmál ehf. provides legal services to a large number of corporations, institutions and associations, on behalf of which we have undertaken amongst others all general corporate counseling, the drawing up of contracts, personnel affairs, debt collection and legal proceedings.  

We also emphasize our services to individual clients and would in that respect especially like to mention indemnity / accident cases and all general legal proceedings, both before the District Courts and the Supreme Court of Iceland.


Legal proceedings

The Attorneys of Lögmál ehf. have gained a substantial experience in judicial procedures. They present cases both before the District courts and the Supreme Court of Iceland same as institute legal proceedings before the administration when required.

Remuneration for legal proceedings depends on the extent of work and work effort in each case and is basically founded on the fixed tariff of Lögmál ehf. The remuneration arrangement of a legal proceeding is as a rule negotiated each time with our clients. Usually we bill our customers monthly and/or in accordance with the proceedings of an assignment.

Should you need further information, please contact us by phone 511-2000 or send an inquiry to e-mail address logmal@logmal.is.

Debt collection

Lögmál ehf. offers an effective debt collection process of default claims, where  efficient and expeditious working methods are emphasized. Lögmál ehf. has at its disposal lawyers and dept collection assistants that have a yearlong and extensive experience in the debt collection activity. The firm´s employees have at their disposal an extensive knowledge of the collection of default claims. Obviously it is frequently necessary to act swiftly if the creditors’ entitlements are to be guaranteed and their possibilities of having their claims settled increased. Lögmál ehf´s employees are keeping that in mind when handling each individual case, besides treating the debtors courteously and with respect. 

Legal collection involves the application of the legal system´s resources that are suitable each time – depending on the type of each claim. As a rule a collection fee in accordance with Lögmál ehf.´s tariff will be added to the claims´ total amounts, thus making the debtors pay the costs that may be involved in the processing of the claims.  Endeavours are made in order to minimize the creditors´financial losses, should the debtors be unable to meet the claims plus the additional expenses, due to their being unpropertied or bankrupt.

Lögmál ehf. usually draws up contracts with the larger creditors regarding the arrangement of their debt collection cases.

Lögmál ehf. endeavours to return collected funds to the creditors without delay.  In that connection daily, weekly or monthly returns are offered, depending on the debt collection´s extent and each individual creditor´s number of claims.

Lögmál ehf. guarantees the creditors an unrestrictive access to information on the status of debt collection claims that are being processed at the firm. The firm´s attorneys and other employees are always ready to discuss the status and  processes of the debt collection with the creditors and their associates.

We submit a firm offer for a debt collection, if requested. Please contact us by phone 511-2000 or send us an enquiry to logmal@logmal.is should you need further information.

Other services

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